Friday, June 19, 2009

Sunlight Hands Arts [Yin Hands] - One of the 72 Secret Arts of Shaolin

I'll not be held responsible for any injuries or suffering if anyone tries this techniques. It requires special guidance from a qualified instructor. I doubt you will find many instructors that know this technique as they are very old techniques and are only usually taught to special students with high potential, dedicated, respect teacher and self-respect, and patience.

Light an oil lamp or a candle and place it onto a table. Stand about 3 feet away from the candle in horse riding stance. Channel your Qi down to your dantian and concentrate on yourself. Thrust out your fists towards the lamp or candle for about half an hour. Practice this art every morning and evening. Once you can put out the flame you have successfully passed the first stage. Now move yourself back 8 paces and repeat the same exercise. Once you can put out the flame from this distance you will be successful. It is said that once you have accomplished this that you can hit a person without even touching them.


  1. hi
    i have been reading through the shaolin for past 2 years. But not sure are this really showing results for anyone who is training right now. because it need many pre condition exercise for both mind and mind.Please share your views towards my question.

  2. Sorry for replying you after years and years. Unfortunately, I was totally cut of from modern world as I was in deep meditation at Wudang mountain in China.

    Yes, it definitely gives results. I didn't post things that doesn't work, whatever I teach and post in social media, after analysing and studying it, I share it on my pages over the internet.

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