Friday, June 19, 2009

Iron Shirt Arts - One of the 72 Secret Arts of Shaolin

You first have to find a piece of long soft cloth and bind it around your chest and back, several times.
Give yourself a forceful massage all over your body. Hurl your arms forwards and backwards, opening your chest right up, then closing your chest. At night sleep on a hard wooden board, this will make your muscles and bones tough. When your muscles and bones feel tough you should set up an iron bar (like a chin up bar) in your garden. Dig a pit around a foot deep in front of the bar and fill it with sand. In the morning and night, practice hanging from the bar and tossing yourself into the sandpit. When you land in the sand pit practice landing on your shoulder/back/chest/abdomen and arms. Do this for three years then remove the soft cloth from around your chest. Now you must beat your body with a wooden hammer. When you are used to the wooden hammer use an iron hammer to beat your body. Concentrate and use your Qi to withstand the beating of he iron hammer. After another three year your upper body will be as pliable as cotton and you will have been successful in the Iron Shirt Art.

NB: I'll not be held responsible for any injuries or suffering if anyone tries this techniques. It requires special guidance froma qualified instructor. I doubt you will find many instructors that know this technique as they are very old techniques and are only usually taught to special students with high potential, dedicated, respect teacher and self-respect, and patience.

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