Friday, June 19, 2009

Golden Clock Arts - One of the 72 Secret Arts of Shaolin

The masters say that this skill is one of the most important arts in Kungfu.
You must first make a hammer out of cloth and beat your whole body with it. At the beginning, it may be painful but time will make it feel less painful. Once you feel ready to move on beat your body with a wooden hammer instead. After lots of training you will not feel pain from the wooden hammer, this is when you should move onto the iron hammer. When you can finally feel no pain from the iron hammer you must start to learn the other following arts:- Somersault Arts/Iron Shirt Arts and Iron Cow Arts. After two or three years of training you should develop muscles in your back and chest as hard as stone. It is said that after this final stage is attained that no form of kick or punch will harm these areas of your body.
NB: I'll not be held responsible for any injuries or suffering if anyone tries this techniques. It requires special guidance froma qualified instructor. I doubt you will find many instructors that know this technique as they are very old techniques and are only usually taught to special students with high potential, dedicated, respect teacher and self-respect, and patience. A

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